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"With the right resources YOU can learn anything"

We founded Trick Tips to help you learn the sports you want to learn. They say you can learn anything on the internet, which is kinda true, but there are very few places that you can learn things the right way. Here at Trick Tips we have designed courses for all abilities, we have seperated our tutorials in to smaller managable courses from gear guides and learning the basics, right up to freestyle and advanced technique.

Becoming a member is the best way to start a new sport or improve at one you can already do. We believe that anyone should be able to learn sports that were previously to expensive or inaccessible to get into, thats why we have created these professional courses but for a fraction of the cost.

"The best sports courses on the web"

Learn the right way

All our courses are made by qualified, experienced coaches and the teaching techniques used in these courses over years of coaching their respective sport. If you don't believe us, check out all our free content.

Our courses are designed to teach you the building blocks of each sport, you can search the web and find a tutorial for a specific trick but what use is it if you have to find a quality tutorial for everything you want to learn. We strive to teach you to teach yourself, so once you learn the building blocks from us, you can go out and apply those skills to learn anything you want!

These tutorials also have safety in mind, you can't learn much if you are injured right? By learning the proper way from professionals you can greatly reduce the chance of injury there for having more fun ang getting the most out of your sport.

Social Learning

The great thing about learning from us is the social side. You can comment on all our posts, and better still is we Will reply to them. We have dedicated forums which you can get answers from us and others learning with you. You can also message us on Trick Tips Facebook.

Learn from anywhere

You can access our content from anywhere with an internet connection whether it be a phone, tablet or anything else with a screen. We have had people useing the tutorials from on top of a mountain!