Mountain Biking Riding Skills

How to do drops on a mountain bike

How do you drop on a mountain bike?

This is a question many people ask when progressing to the ‘scarier’ side of Mountain biking.  Everyone goes through this stage where they want to push their riding and so some of the gnarlier things, Phil Kmetz has the best ways to get you cruising off drops and impressing your mates.

Check out this video and if you have any questions then ask us below.


Mountain Biking Riding Skills

How to do drop offs on a Mountain Bike

This is how to Drop off on a Mountain Bike from mountain bike extreme.

So you should start off small for this and work your way up, Start maybe no a kerb and then a large kerb and work your way up to bigger and bigger features as your confidence grows.

  1. So as you approach the drop you want to be compressing into the bike, sucking your legs up but staying nice and balanced. Do not be tempted to lean back as this will just though you completely off. Check out the stance that I outlined in this tutorial and you be fine.
  2. How to mountain bike drop off small

  3. So you are nice and compressed, now as you are just going over the lip of the drop, you want to push down on your bike and push it into the ground. This will minimise the amount of time you are in the air and will give you loads of room in your legs and arms to absorb the landing.
  4. How to mountain bike drop off big

  5. Try to land flat but if anything you should touch your back wheel down slightly before to absorb the impact even more, especially for larger drop offs.
  6. Ride away happy and once you are happy on that size drop try a bigger one!
Mountain Biking Riding Skills

How to do a wheelie – Mountain Biking

This is How to do a Wheelie on a mountain bike. A very good tutorial from ZEP MOUNTAIN BIKE CAMPS.

This trick is all about timing and balance, if you persevere then you will nail it for sure. You should try this trick on a soft surface like grass in and wide open area.

  1. The first thing is getting the front wheel off the ground to initiate the wheelie. You need to use your body weight to get the wheel up and not just by pulling on your arms. So preload by getting your chest closer to the handlebars, and then explode by chucking your weight backwards behind the seat, this will bring your front wheel up off the ground. Practice this till you get the timing right and can consistently get your front wheel 10-20cm’s off the ground without your peddles.
  2. How to mountain bike wheelie preloadHow to mountain bike wheelie preload explode

  3. Next you need to move on to the peddle kick, this where you generate more power in the back wheel to force the front wheel up. So as you are coasting along you want to get your dominant foot in a position that you can kick down hard on the peddle.
  4. How to mountain bike wheelie kick

  5. Now it is all about timing, you need to push down on your peddle as soon as you have chucked you weight backwards, so just before your arms are straight from throwing your weight back you need to push down on your peddle, this is when you have the most momentum pulling your wheel up in the air.
  6. Now that you have got the wheel in the air, there are two things that you may need to do. If you feel like you are going to fall off the back of the bike you can dab the rear brake to bring the front down. If the front wheel isn’t coming up high enough then you can keep peddling or you can shift your weight further back over the rear wheel, if neither of these work then you may need to work on your timing of your peddle kick.
  7. How to mountain bike wheelie demo

  8. Cool so now you are doing a wheelie, throughout the wheelie you can utilize the techniques in the previous step you keep going for as long as you want!