Best winter seasonaire Insurance

Insurance is a must when travelling, especially going Skiing or Snowboarding where the chance of injury is higher. And with the cost of being airlifted and rescue services in the mountains, it will cost you tens of thousands if you need assistance.

I have been on countless seasons and have tried all the best companies I have found. For the past few years, I have tended to go for one company and that company is ERV.

10% off with the code ‘BONDRINGO10’

ERV have been pretty much always the cheapest Insurence I could find. But it is not all about price with health insurance as you need to be fully covered. Thankfully ERV covers everything I need including park riding and Off piste without a guide.

The reason I am recommending ERV is that I had to claim for medical expenses from them a couple of years ago and it went without a hitch. Unlike other companies I have tried to claim from there was no fuss, no prolonging and pointless forms and phone calls. ERV straight up paid

ERV straight up paid for the helicopter, surgery and all other expenses including a private ambulance back home after getting released from hospital!

The best thing about ERV is that they actually cover you for a whole season, unlike Other companies that have maximum 30 or 60-day cover. You can find the Seasonaire cover page here

And because I thanked them for their service they have given me and all you guys 10% off with the code BONDRINGO10

So check them out next time you go away for a reliable Winter sports Insurance.

Had any good or bad experiences with Insurance companies? Let us know in the comments.


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Can you Snowboard on a Skate Deck?

@Shonduras Tests the idea that you can snowboard on a skateboard deck. Don’t tell me you have never thought of it!

Does it work?

Find out in the video above


Watch the replay of Rock a Rail 2016 here

Pissing it down with rain it wasn’t ideal conditions for rock a rail 2016 but that didn’t stop the riders from killing it. Check out the replay and the winner here.

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Burton 13 Trailer

Trailer for the New Burton film coming soon!

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Snowboard Addiction Release Intermediate Riding Tutorial

Snowboard Addiction have released a Teaser for their latest Tutorial about progressing on a snowboard.

During the Tutorial they will takle:

  • Stance
  • The Art of Falling
  • Different Terrain
  • Bumpy Terrain
  • Tighter Turns
  • Powder Turns
  • Riding through Trees
  • and Switch Riding
And thats just the main Stuff!! Get the Tutorial and many more from Snowboard If you Purchase from Snowboard Addiction remember to use the code ‘tricktips’ for 10% off!!!

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Jeremy Jones Talks Avalanches, Polar Bears and Fitness

Oneill chat to Jeremy Jones about his experiences in his new film Further coming out next month.

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DC Snowboarding presents: Must Be Nice

DC Snowboarding have released a Teaser for their first film since the DC Mountain Lab 1.5 in 2008. I looks to be a great movie, featuring Devun Walsh, Torstein Horgmo, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Biittner, Ryan Tiene, and Anto Chamberland. The movie drops on the 1st of October. On that day, DC will have a free screening of the movie via the DC Snowboarding Facebook page at, hosting a global premiere with live online chat for viewers with the star riders of the movie. Must Be Nice will be available for purchase on Itunes aswell.

Climbing News

BMC Helmet Guide

The BMC has launched a Helmet Campaign this year to Encourage the use of Helmets when climbing. They have produced a Helmet guide which you can download here.

Although this is aimed at climbing, this also has a lot of useful information that transfers to other sports like Kayaking and Snowboarding.

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Worlds first 1080 on a Skateboard… by a 12 year old!!!

Tom Schaar Just landed the worlds first 1080 on a skateboard, and he is 12!

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Red Bull Supernatural Hightlights

Watch Travis Rice and some of the best snowboarders in the world compete at Red Bull Supernatural, a dynamic snowboarding event event that features no breaks, riding first tracks and all-natural terrain showcasing what snowboarding is all about.