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How to Handplant on Ski’s

Here is how to do a Handplant on Ski’s. This can be dome on any thing from a quarter pipe to a steep mound of snow to a wall ride so is a great show-off trick.

You need to find a good feature to try this on, generally the steeper the better as it will help push your legs up in the air and will hurt less if you fall.

  1. Start by running in to the feature with a good amount of speed, enough that would normally get you a couple of feet of air at least.
  2. This is where you need to commit to the trick. As you get to the top of the feature you need to lean down hill, reaching down with your hand, this will send your legs up into the air.
  3. How to Handplant on ski's

  4. As you get to the top of your upward travel, try to place your hand down, this will stop your spin and get you back the right way up again, don’t worry if you don’t get it first time.
  5. How to Handplant on ski's

  6. Now push off the feature and tuck your legs in to bring them back underneath you.
  7. How to Handplant on ski's Trick Tip

  8. Land and ride away!