Rail Tricks Skiing

How to Tail press on Ski’s

How to do a Tail press on a rail from Fall Line Skiing. Before doing this trick you should be able to slide along a rail fine.

  1. Pop onto the rail as you normally would.
  2. Once you are on the rail with your weight central over your ski’s, push your boots forwards and lean back to counter act it. you should now be sliding along the tails of your ski’s. Remember to concentrate on still staying 90 degrees to the rail, if you differ then you could wash out out catch an edge.
  3. How to tail press on ski's

  4. Pop off as Usual
Rail Tricks Skiing

How to Switch lipslide on ski’s

Here we have How to do a Switch lipslide on ski’s.You should be able to ride switch and do a normal lipslide before trying this trick.

  1. Ride in switch ending up appropriately a foot away from the box once you are beside it.
  2. This is the most crucial part, you need to pop high enough before spinning the 90 degrees to stop the front of your ski’s from catching on the box. Then you must turn the 90 degrees simply by looking to the end of the box.
  3. Switch Lipslide on Ski's aproachSwitch Lipslide on Ski's pop

  4. Land on the box with your weight over both ski’s being careful not to wash out or catch an edge.
  5. Switch Lipslide on Ski's balance

  6. Keep looking to the end of the box and pop off!

You can then progress to 270 off the end after doing the switch lipslide for added style and complexity.

Rail Tricks Skiing

How to 270 onto a box on Ski’s

Fall Line Skiing gives us a Skiing trick tip of how to 270 onto a box on Ski’s. It helps to be able to 180 and 360 before doing this trick.

  1. First off I’d recommend having a go on the flat snow. Do this by drawing a box in the snow and then riding up to it and 270ing onto your imaginary box. This will help you get used to the motion of the 270 without fear of slamming into the box if you mess up.
  2. Once you are happy on the snow you can then try on the box.
  3. Ride up to the box with slightly more speed than you normally would, once you are about a foot away from the lip you need to start rotating your head and shoulders in the way you want to spin.
  4. 270 on to a box skiing

  5. Once at the end of the kicker you need to then pop 270 just like on the snow. The difference is that it will be easier because you will be going off a small kicker but you have to concentrate on your balance.
  6. 270 onto a box Skiing

  7. You need to land with you weight over both ski’s. Too far back and you will wash out, too far forward and you could catch an edge.
  8. 270 onto a box Skiing balance

  9. When on the box just look to the end of the box as usual and then pop off
  10. This is an awesome trick to nail and will lead onto loads of other rad things
Rail Tricks Skiing

How to Backside switch up on Ski’s

Fall line skiing brings is how to do a backside switch up on Ski’s.

Before doing this you should be able to Ride a box sideways.

  1. Ride up to the box and pop onto it just as you would normally.
  2. When you land though you want to continue looking round with your head and shoulders rather than looking to the end of the box to do the next spin.
  3. How to backside switchup on ski's

  4. Once you have turned your head and shoulders as much as you can you want to then do a small pop to bring your legs 180 so you are facing the other way
  5. Look back at the end of the rail as you usually would to help stop the rotation.
  6. How to backside switchup on ski's

  7. Pop off as usual and ride away!
Rail Tricks Skiing

How to ride on a box on Ski’s

Fall Line Skiing take us through sliding along a box sideways. Essential to progress onto more progressive tricks.

  1. Practice on flat ground to jump 90°. You should be landing consistently with your weight right over your skis.
  2. Approach the same as you did for the 50-50 riding in nice and straight with bent knees.
  3. As you are about to jump onto the box you need to get ready to rotate 90°. Pop just as you would with a 50-50 but this time rotate your shoulders your natural way, your skis will then follow around onto the box. You should be landing with your weight central over both feet, to start with you can try and put your weight slightly on your downhill ski, this will help you commit and not wash out.
  4. How to ride a Ski boxHow to ride a Ski box balanced

  5. When on the rail keep looking at the end of it to help keep you straight and get you to the end.
  6. Once you are at the end, Popoff normally and rotate naturally back to a forward direction.
  7. How to ride a ski Box rotate

  8. Ride away happy!
Rail Tricks Skiing

50-50 on Ski’s

Here, Fall line skiing Takes us through the 50-50 on Ski’s. This trick is the basis of learning all rail and box tricks.

  1. Find a spot a few metres up from the box that you can ride straight into the box without doing any speed checks. You want to go on the box at a steady comfortable speed.
  2. Once you have found a good place to drop in from, drop in straight with nice bent knees, and look to the end of the box.
  3. 50-50 on Ski's aproach

  4. When on the box you should have your weight over your skis nice and balanced. Commitment is key here, if you get scared and try leaning back your skis will just wash out from underneath you, resulting in pain
  5. 50 50 on ski's balance

  6. Keep looking at the end of box and once you get to the end just ride off happy
Rail Tricks Skiing

How To Lipslide on Ski’s

Jake Lloyd On the Lipside on Ski’s

  1. Ride up to the rail with a decent amount of speed and a nice wide stance.
  2. Pop up onto the rail, make sure you bring your knees up before you spin to lift your ski’s over the rail and stop you catching them on the rail.
  3. ski rail clearance

  4. Land on the rail with your weight centred over the rail and on both ski’s
  5. ski Lipslide balance

  6. Slide along and pop off as usual
Rail Tricks Skiing

How to ride Kinked Rails on Skis

Ross Welch Shows us the best way to tackle a kinked rail on Ski’s

  1. Ride in with a medium amount of speed, not to much though because you want to get on the rail as quick as possible
  2. Pop onto the rail like any other making sure you land with the rail directly below your feet.
  3. Pop onto kinked Rail - Ski's

  4. Make sure you are balanced correctly, lean too far back and your ski’s will slide out from underneath you, lean too far forward and you will catch an edge. You want you weight over the ski’s with the downhill edge lifted slightly off the rail like in the picture below.
  5. angled ski on a Rail

  6. As you get to the first kink it helps to tilt your downhill ski edge slightly more to ensure you don’t catch that edge. What you can also do is to suck your legs up slightly to absorb the compression of going flat and help stop you from ‘washing out’.
  7. When you get to the second downhill part you need to do the opposite. You should extend your legs slightly again(Keep them slightly bent still though, extending them just helps you to keep contact with the rail and not accidently jump off) and get your weight over the ski’s again to keep 90 degrees to the rail and keep you balanced. You should still be looking at the end of the rail as with all rails in skiing.
  8. End of Rail Position

  9. Once you get to the end, just pop off and ride away!
Rail Tricks Skiing

270 Out on a rail or box – Skiing

Ross Welch takes us through the 270 Out, also touching on 450 Outs.

Before doing this trick you should be able to slide on a box comfortably.

  1. Pop onto the box as usual
  2. Get you front ski on the edge of the box like in the picture below, this will give you somthing to push off to initiate the spin
  3. ski rail position

  4. Next you need to push off that front ski and rotate leading with the head and shoulders, your legs will then follow round
  5. rotate with head and shoulders first

  6. Tuck your legs up for slightly more air time
  7. Stomp it and ride away happy