Flatland Tricks Snowboarding The basics

How to Ollie on a Snowboard

The Ollie:

The most versatile and important skill a rider can learn. This trick will help riders access more terrain features and is the basic building block for pretty much everything in freestyle riding. This Ollie teaches a rider how to load energy into the tail of the snowboard and release it to create pop.

The simple breakdown: Get low; rock slightly forward over the front foot; slide the board under the body, bringing the tail in under the core; extend the back leg to load and leverage the tail; pull the back foot and tail off the ground; pull the knees up; and stomp the board down, centered under the body and bend the legs to absorb the landing.

Practice the Ollie every single day, and develop the ability to Ollie off-of and over all sorts of terrain and obstacles around the mountain. Have fun be safe, and Enjoy the Ride!

Flatland Tricks Snowboarding

Snowboard Addiction – Buttering

Here we have the best buttering tutorial on Buttering, Part 1.

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In this video is an intro to Buttering and Flatland tricks it will cover:

  • Body Position
  • Where to position your weight
  • Ollies and Nollies into butters
  • Spinning 360’s into the snow whilst riding
  • Some simple Buttering Tricks

You need to get these skills down before moving on to some more advanced tricks in Part 2.

The most important aspect of riding is your body position whilst on the board, check out this picture below.Snowboard StanceSnowboard Stance

As you can see they are bent at knees and their back is up straight. There wait is central over the board and the head is up looking forwards. This is the basic stance you should start with for any snowboard trick.

The rest is best to show in the video, so check it out and nail that trick! When you succeed come back and let us know!