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How to hit a hip on a snowboard

Snowboard addiction have brought a tutorial on how to hit a hip on a snowboard

Pipe Tricks Snowboarding

How to ride halfpipe with Dan Wakeham

This is a tutorial from Britain’s best halfpipe rider Dan Wakeham. Here he goes through three tricks:

  • The Backside air
  • Air to Fakie
  • McTwist

Top Tips

  • Backside air and air to fakieMake sure you wait untill you are at the coping before popping and turning your shoulders else you will loose height and speed for the trick
  • McTwistFor this trick you should commit, if you don’t commit, it will hurt. So get it it in your head and nail it!
Pipe Tricks Snowboarding

Halfpipe – Common Mistakes

Common mistakes to avoid in the halfpipe Tips roundup:

  • Keep your legs bent and nice and soft,this should be the same for all aspects of riding
  • Pump the walls of the Pipe to keep and gain speed
  • Take baby steps, start out slow and get the feel for the pipe and nail the basics before you try and boos out of the pipe