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50-50 on Ski’s

Here, Fall line skiing Takes us through the 50-50 on Ski’s. This trick is the basis of learning all rail and box tricks.

  1. Find a spot a few metres up from the box that you can ride straight into the box without doing any speed checks. You want to go on the box at a steady comfortable speed.
  2. Once you have found a good place to drop in from, drop in straight with nice bent knees, and look to the end of the box.
  3. 50-50 on Ski's aproach

  4. When on the box you should have your weight over your skis nice and balanced. Commitment is key here, if you get scared and try leaning back your skis will just wash out from underneath you, resulting in pain
  5. 50 50 on ski's balance

  6. Keep looking at the end of box and once you get to the end just ride off happy

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