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How To 180 on ski’s

Dan Gillespie takes us through the 180 on ski’s. Before doing this trick you should be able to do straight airs and ride switch(at least for a little bit!).

  1. Start by practising on the flat ground, find out which way you prefer to spin and get user to the action of turning your head and shoulders into the rotation, once you have nailed this you can move onto a small kicker or feature(like the side of the piste).
  2. Ride up to the Kicker with a good amount of speed, nice wide base and confident that you will nail it.
  3. Ski Kicker approach

  4. As you get to the lip you want to pop as you would for a straight air but this time you need to turn your head and shoulders into the direction you want to spin, this will initiate the spin.
  5. ski Rotation 180

  6. Keep looking round to keep the spin going and you should land facing up hill.
  7. Ski 180 land

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