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How to 270 onto a box on Ski’s

Fall Line Skiing gives us a Skiing trick tip of how to 270 onto a box on Ski’s. It helps to be able to 180 and 360 before doing this trick.

  1. First off I’d recommend having a go on the flat snow. Do this by drawing a box in the snow and then riding up to it and 270ing onto your imaginary box. This will help you get used to the motion of the 270 without fear of slamming into the box if you mess up.
  2. Once you are happy on the snow you can then try on the box.
  3. Ride up to the box with slightly more speed than you normally would, once you are about a foot away from the lip you need to start rotating your head and shoulders in the way you want to spin.
  4. 270 on to a box skiing

  5. Once at the end of the kicker you need to then pop 270 just like on the snow. The difference is that it will be easier because you will be going off a small kicker but you have to concentrate on your balance.
  6. 270 onto a box Skiing

  7. You need to land with you weight over both ski’s. Too far back and you will wash out, too far forward and you could catch an edge.
  8. 270 onto a box Skiing balance

  9. When on the box just look to the end of the box as usual and then pop off
  10. This is an awesome trick to nail and will lead onto loads of other rad things

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