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How to Backflip on ski’s

This is How to Backflip on ski’s from Fall Line Skiing. This trick is all about commitment, it is actually very easy.

I suggest being able to backflip on a trampoline beforehand as it will give you the confidence and the feel of doing a backflip, but in a safer environment.

  1. So you need to run in just as you would for a straight air, plenty of speed and a nice wide stance.
  2. Wait till you get to the lip of the kicker before jumping else you could knock yourself out on the Kicker! A good tip is to focus on jumping upwards and not backwards, if you can backflip already this will be a natural feeling.
  3. How to Backflip on ski's

  4. Do the flip! Lead with your head and your body will follow. If you are on a small jump and are tight on time then tuck your knees up for extra rotatory speed, else just lay back and chill out.
  5. How to Backflip on ski's

  6. You should spot your landing pretty quickly at which point you can judge how fast you need to spin to get on your feet, when you want to bring your feet underneath you again just tuck your knees up.
  7. Absorb the landing and ride away a happy person!

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