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How to Backside switch up on Ski’s

Fall line skiing brings is how to do a backside switch up on Ski’s.

Before doing this you should be able to Ride a box sideways.

  1. Ride up to the box and pop onto it just as you would normally.
  2. When you land though you want to continue looking round with your head and shoulders rather than looking to the end of the box to do the next spin.
  3. How to backside switchup on ski's

  4. Once you have turned your head and shoulders as much as you can you want to then do a small pop to bring your legs 180 so you are facing the other way
  5. Look back at the end of the rail as you usually would to help stop the rotation.
  6. How to backside switchup on ski's

  7. Pop off as usual and ride away!

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