Pipe Tricks Skiing

How to drop into a Pipe on Ski’s

This is how to drop into a pipe on Ski’s with with Fall line Skiing. A basic but fundamental trick to be able to do in order to ride pipe well.

  1. Start off dropping in at the beginning of the pipe where the transition is smaller and it has less of a distance to fall if you mess up at all(we all do sometimes!).
  2. Start by riding along the edge of the pipe at a relatively slow speed, this gives you the most time to think and control what you are doing.
  3. How to Drop into a Halfpipe Skiing

  4. Focus on where you want to drop in and when you get close, turn very slightly towards the pipe. this will set you up for the drop in.
  5. How to Drop into a Halfpipe

  6. Just before you ride over the edge(The tips of your ski’s should not be over the edge yet) pop a very small ollie into the pipe. This is less of an ollie and more of sucking your legs up over the lip of the pipe. So as you pop a small ollie, suck your legs right up and lean forward to get yourself and your ski’s parallel to the wall of the pipe
  7. Now because you have sucked your legs up you will have been able to do a smaller ollie, then enabling you to stay closer to the wall of the pipe.
  8. How to Drop into a Halfpipe Suck Legs

  9. As you go over the lip of the pipe you can then extend your legs again to contact the wall again and ride down the wall. As you ride down the Wall push up from your legs to generate power and speed(called pumping)
  10. How to Drop into a Halfpipe Pumping

  11. As you do this more you will be able to get a feeling for the amount you have to pop to land higher up the wall, the higher you land up the wall the faster you can go and the higher you will get out of the other side of the pipe.
  12. Have fun, It is a great feeling when you get the timing an pop just perfect.

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