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How to ride on a box on Ski’s

Fall Line Skiing take us through sliding along a box sideways. Essential to progress onto more progressive tricks.

  1. Practice on flat ground to jump 90°. You should be landing consistently with your weight right over your skis.
  2. Approach the same as you did for the 50-50 riding in nice and straight with bent knees.
  3. As you are about to jump onto the box you need to get ready to rotate 90°. Pop just as you would with a 50-50 but this time rotate your shoulders your natural way, your skis will then follow around onto the box. You should be landing with your weight central over both feet, to start with you can try and put your weight slightly on your downhill ski, this will help you commit and not wash out.
  4. How to ride a Ski boxHow to ride a Ski box balanced

  5. When on the rail keep looking at the end of it to help keep you straight and get you to the end.
  6. Once you are at the end, Popoff normally and rotate naturally back to a forward direction.
  7. How to ride a ski Box rotate

  8. Ride away happy!

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