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How to Straight air in the Pipe

This is How to Straight Air in a halfpipe on Ski’s. You should be able to drop in to the halfpipe before doing this simple but crucial trick. You should also be able to Carve to get the most out of the pipe, else you will just be churning it up.

A good thing to check out is Common Mistakes in the Halfpipe, It is made for snowboarders but a lot of it is relevant to skiers aswell, So check it out!

  1. Fist off Start small, you won’t be able to just ride into the halfpipe and get 10 foot of air straight away, start lower down and work your way up the wall as your confidence, skill and feel of the halfpipe increases.
  2. You should be carving up the wall at an angle facing slightly down the halfpipe, if you go straight up the wall you will loose all speed.
  3. How to straight Air in a Pipe angle

  4. As you ride up the wall, keep your weight 90 degrees to the wall(Don’t lean back!).
  5. As you get to the edge of the halfpipe or almost to a stop(whichever comes first) you need to pop and turn your head and shoulders down back into the pipe, your legs will follow and you should land facing down the pipe again at a slight angle.
  6. How to straight Air in a Pipe popHow to straight Air in a Pipe turn

  7. Land on your uphill edge and carve across the bottom of the pipe to the next wall
  8. How to straight Air in a Pipe land

  9. Now you can try and get higher and more confident each time and you can start nailing some other tricks in the halfpipe!

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