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How to Switch 180 on Ski’s

How to do a switch 180 from Fall line Skiing. Before doing this trick you should be able to do straight airs and ride Switch.

  1. Start off by Practising on the flat. Ride switch and then get the feel for popping a 180.
  2. Switch 180 on Ski's

  3. Once you are comfortable with that you can take it to the kicker. Riding switch feels faster so make sure you have enough speed to clear the knuckle.
  4. Once you get to the lip of the jump, pop as you normally would and simply turn your head and shoulders, your feet will follow. If you try and initiate the spin you will over rotate unless you are on a very small kicker
  5. Switch 180 on Ski's

  6. Land it and ride away stoked!

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