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How to Switch lipslide on ski’s

Here we have How to do a Switch lipslide on ski’s.You should be able to ride switch and do a normal lipslide before trying this trick.

  1. Ride in switch ending up appropriately a foot away from the box once you are beside it.
  2. This is the most crucial part, you need to pop high enough before spinning the 90 degrees to stop the front of your ski’s from catching on the box. Then you must turn the 90 degrees simply by looking to the end of the box.
  3. Switch Lipslide on Ski's aproachSwitch Lipslide on Ski's pop

  4. Land on the box with your weight over both ski’s being careful not to wash out or catch an edge.
  5. Switch Lipslide on Ski's balance

  6. Keep looking to the end of the box and pop off!

You can then progress to 270 off the end after doing the switch lipslide for added style and complexity.

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