Rail Tricks Skiing

How to ride Kinked Rails on Skis

Ross Welch Shows us the best way to tackle a kinked rail on Ski’s

  1. Ride in with a medium amount of speed, not to much though because you want to get on the rail as quick as possible
  2. Pop onto the rail like any other making sure you land with the rail directly below your feet.
  3. Pop onto kinked Rail - Ski's

  4. Make sure you are balanced correctly, lean too far back and your ski’s will slide out from underneath you, lean too far forward and you will catch an edge. You want you weight over the ski’s with the downhill edge lifted slightly off the rail like in the picture below.
  5. angled ski on a Rail

  6. As you get to the first kink it helps to tilt your downhill ski edge slightly more to ensure you don’t catch that edge. What you can also do is to suck your legs up slightly to absorb the compression of going flat and help stop you from ‘washing out’.
  7. When you get to the second downhill part you need to do the opposite. You should extend your legs slightly again(Keep them slightly bent still though, extending them just helps you to keep contact with the rail and not accidently jump off) and get your weight over the ski’s again to keep 90 degrees to the rail and keep you balanced. You should still be looking at the end of the rail as with all rails in skiing.
  8. End of Rail Position

  9. Once you get to the end, just pop off and ride away!

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