Rail tricks Snowboarding

Backside Boardslide

The backside boardslide (often shortened to just a ‘boardslide’) is the next step. Sliding down a rail with your board lengthways is fairly easy as the main focus is on keeping straight. With the boardslide however, you need to turn 90 degrees off the lip and land with your weight evenly balanced so as to not catch your edges: no mean feat. As with many rail tricks, the key is to visualise yourself doing it first – fully committed – then to really go for it.

Top Tips

1) Approach slightly faster than normal.
2) Pop 90 degrees onto the rail getting on top of your board
3) Place your back foot on the stomp pad or against the back binding in the centre of the board.
4) Keep the board flat and let the lift pull up, once you have done the first 5 meters its easy, just keep looking ahead and concentrating.
5) Once at the top just release the bar and slide away!

Don’t lean to far back.

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