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How To 50/50 – Snowboard Addiction

Snowboard Addiction has another Awesome tutorial this time on how to 50 50. Coming in two formats, Regular and Goofy it is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the trick.

How to 50/50 on a Snowboard – Goofy

How to 50/50 on a Snowboard – Regular

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This tutorial on 50-50’s on a snowboard covers everything from the basics of riding on a rail to ollieing on frontside and backside to rail. Also as an added bonus it contains during 180s off the end of the rail. He most important aspect of riding rails is your body position whilst on it check out this picture below.Snowboard StanceSnowboard Stance

As you can see they are bent at knees and their back is up straight. There wait is central over the board and the head is up looking forwards. Try not to look down at the rail. It is important for 50-50’s to keep your whole body in line with the board, this will help keep your board straight on the rail, and to balance on the rail. This position is the foundation for all other tricks and a snowboard and if you master this everything will come much easier.

So to start off you can practice by riding on a flat base on the snow using no edge at all. This will be what it feels like on the rail or box. Practice this plenty of time in a gentle slope to get a feel for the board with your solid riding position.

The next step is target practice. Draw a box in the snow and ride over it with your solid riding position, imagine this is a real box and try to stay in the centre of it. This is exactly how it will feel on the real box. The other thing you can do to make it slightly harder is to grab a small sign post from the side of the piste and have a go riding over that (remember to put it back else you could be in trouble!). Now keep doing these target practice exercises until you can confidently say the claimant make it to the end of the box every time.

Now you ready for the Park, you need to find the safest box in there. This will be a wide, low to the ground, ride on box. Now find a spot a few metres up from the box that you can ride in at a nice slow speed without doing any speed checks. Now ride onto the box using your solid stance remember to keep your knees bent and use no edge. Once you are completely off the box regain control and come to a stop. You should now be stoked have another go and keep nailing it.

Now you can advance on to thinner and longer boxes. These will require slightly better target practice. A top tip is to keep looking at the end of the box or beyond the end of the box, this will help you get to the end every time.

Another thing to consider is the angle of the box, you must keep your solid stance no matter the angle. So to move onto down boxes or kinked boxes then you need to change your body position accordingly.

Snowboard Rail Stance

Curved boxes and rainbow boxes are again slightly harder because your body position need to be constantly changing so that it stays at 90° to the feature. Once you master this body position on loads of boxes then everything is easy.

As you progress and nail all these easier features you will probably want to have a go at some harder ones. These may require you to Ollie onto the rail of box.

A frontside 50-50 is where you Ollie on to the rail with it in front of you. A backside 50-50 is where you Ollie onto the rail with it behind you. Frontside 50-50’s are generally easier to learn. To help learn these you can go back to the signpost on the snow here you can Ollie on frontside or backside at a nice slow speed. The video is the best place to learn how to do these so highly recommend you have a good look at the videos on this page to learn more and to advance on to doing 180’s off the end of the rail to look supercool.

So top tips:

  • First should nail your stance, weight over your board, knees bent and your whole body in line with the board.
  • Do some target practice.
  • Start on a short, wide box.
  • Keep practising.

So hopefully you will nail this trick in no time, when you do be sure to come back and let us know!

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