Kicker tricks Snowboarding

How to 360, 540 and 720 Frontside or Backside

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Regular Riders

Here is how to 360, 540 and 720 Frontside or Backside from Snowboard addiction.

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Pipe Tricks Skiing

How to 360 in the Halfpipe

This is how to do a 360 in the halfpipe from Fall Line Skiing. Before doing this trick you should be able to Straight Air and preferably but not crucially 360 on a Kicker. You should also be able to ride Switch.

  1. Ride up the Wall just as you would for a straight air
  2. Timing for the pop is crucial, if you pop to early you will loose all your momentum. Pop when you get to the top of the pipe or when you as high up the wall as you are going to get.
  3. As you pop you need to turn your head and shoulders hard into the rotation, this will initiate the spin, Again do not do this too early.
  4. How to 360 in a Halfpipe pop

  5. Keep looking round past your landing so that you are facing back up the pipe, this will mean that you have done a 360. Unfortunately it also means you are landing switch and you cant see your landing aswell.
  6. How to 360 in a Halfpipe Land

  7. Land Switch and ride away!
Kicker Tricks Skiing

How To 360 on Ski’s

This is how to 360 on ski’s with Fall Line Skiing. You should be able to 180 and preferably Switch 180 Before doing this trick.

  1. Run up to the Kicker with a good amount of speed to comfortably clear the knuckle.
  2. As you get to the lip of the Kicker you want to rotate your upper body as you would for a 180 but with a bit more power behind it to give you the extra spin. You should time this so your upper body has started the spin before you pop, your legs will then follow.
  3. How to 360 on ski's

  4. You will now be looking back at the kicker but if you keep looking you will spot the landing again just like a switch 180.
  5. How to 360 on ski's

  6. To speed the rotation up, tuck up, to slow it down, open up.
  7. Land facing forwards and ride away.