Skiing The Basics

How to Ride switch on Ski’s

This is how to ride Switch on ski’s, an essential skill to progress with freestyle skiing. Skiing switch isn’t actually all that hard, it just takes commitment and focus to nail it.

  1. Start on a nice gentle slope and get a little speed up, it is actually easier if you have some decent speed
  2. The best way to do the turns is to bee looking round to the outside of your turns, rather than the inside which you would for going forwards. This will help you transfer your weight onto the correct edges and turn your ski’s.
  3. Skiing Switch

  4. Try and keep your ski’s as parallel as possible and avoid the snowplough.
  5. As you nail the turns on the nursery slopes, try taking it to some slightly steeper ones with some more speed.
  6. Commitment is the key, set aside a morning or even day to learning to ride switch.