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How to warm up for a day of snowboarding


Flatland Tricks Snowboarding The basics

How to Ollie on a Snowboard

The Ollie:

The most versatile and important skill a rider can learn. This trick will help riders access more terrain features and is the basic building block for pretty much everything in freestyle riding. This Ollie teaches a rider how to load energy into the tail of the snowboard and release it to create pop.

The simple breakdown: Get low; rock slightly forward over the front foot; slide the board under the body, bringing the tail in under the core; extend the back leg to load and leverage the tail; pull the back foot and tail off the ground; pull the knees up; and stomp the board down, centered under the body and bend the legs to absorb the landing.

Practice the Ollie every single day, and develop the ability to Ollie off-of and over all sorts of terrain and obstacles around the mountain. Have fun be safe, and Enjoy the Ride!

Kicker tricks Snowboarding The basics

How to 180 – Snowboard Addiction

Snowboard Addiction has another Awesome tutorial this time on how to 50/50. Coming in two formats, Regular and Goofy it is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the trick.

How to 180 on a Snowboard for Regular Riders:

How to 180 on a Snowboard for Goofy Riders:

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Before learning to important to lockdown some switch riding skills. This is so that you can ride to, or out of the trick.

There are four ways to spin on a snowboard: frontside backside switch backside and switch frontside (cab). Frontside is where the front to your body faces downhill into the spin. Backside is where the back of your body faces downhill into the spin. Switch frontside in the same is frontside but you start off switch and land normal, it is also known as a Cab 180. And switch backside is the same as backside by again starting switch and landing normal. Frontside being the easiest to learn you should try it first. You should learn all four spins so you can constantly change your riding direction whilst riding.

To spin on a snowboard is a combination of pop and spin. To help initiate the spin you should pop off either your toe edge or heel edge, so for frontside and switch frontside you should pop off your heels and for backside and switch backside you should pop off your toes.

To start off you should practice doing 180’s whilst standing without your board on. Then have a go with your board. The next step is to have a go whilst riding across the slope, so whilst riding across on your toes you should have a go of popping a backside 180 and whilst on your heel side you should have a go at frontside 180’s. Notice how while doing frontside spins you can always see landing whereas backside spins you can’t. This is why learning frontside things is easier to start with.

A good place to start learning to spin is on little jumps found jumping on and off the piste. This is because the turn of the jump on the approach automatically sets you up on either your toe edge or few edge and makes the spin much easier. Next you can step it up onto small jumps, make sure you’re comfortable jumping over the jump at a good speed before trying 180. Check out the video for more on setting up with jumps.

Once you have mastered frontside and backside 180’s you can then learn to do them switch. To learn this apply the same principles as well learning them in normal stance and keep practising.

Top Tips

  • Pop off the toes or the heels
  • Commit to the spin by turning your whole body into it

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to come back and let us know when you nailed this trick!

Snowboarding The basics

How to ride a button lift

Here we have how to ride a button lift or Poma lift. They are commonly found in the mountains and it is essential to be able to use them with a snowboard.

Top Tips

1) Get in the right place to catch the bar as soon as you can.

2) Catch the bar and put it immediately in between your legs.

3) Place your back foot on the stomp pad or against the back binding in the centre of the board.

4) Keep the board flat and let the lift pull up, once you have done the first 5 meters its easy, just keep looking ahead and concentrating.

5) Once at the top just release the bar and slide away!


Don’t lean to far back.